The Wild Mammals of Japan
The Wild Mammals of Japan
  • Hardcover: 506 pages (full color)
  • Book size: A4
  • Publisher: SHOUKADOH Book Sellers, The Mammal Society of Japan (July, 2015)
  • ISBN: 978-4-87974-691-7
The Wild Mammals of Japan

"The Wild Mammals of Japan Second edition" includes accounts for 170 species of mammals in Japan. It would be the most comprehensive and up to date guide available, and would be readable by anyone in the World who has an interest in Japanese mammals. Descriptions for each species include basic information such as red list status, distribution, fossil record, morphology, dental and mammal formulae, genetics, reproduction, lifespan, diet, habitat, home range, behavior, natural enemies and parasites. Taxonomic issues, relationship with humans, and other matters are documented in the remarks section if needed.

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